Chromite - Steering and Technical Committees

The program will be guided by an industry-led (and Natural Resources Canada co-chaired) steering committee with senior level representatives from industry, government (federal, provincial and territorial, where appropriate), academia and international organizations/governments. In support of these committees and to provide detailed guidance, technical sub-committees have been established to help defined technical work plans and to ensure the research is well-focused and deployment opportunities are maximized. The research will be strengthened by integrating comprehensive economic analysis of market conditions in order to increase the understanding of the economic and market dynamics, and their implications for the business case for chromite projects in Canada.




  • Noront Resources – Stephen Flewelling (co-chair)
  • KWG – Moe Lavigne



  • Lakehead University - Andrew Conly


First Nations

  • Matawa – Paul Capon



  • FedNor - Aime Dimatteo
  • Ontario Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines – Ryan Tuomi
  • Natural Resources Canada – Magdi Habib (co-chair)


There are two technical committees in the areas of processing and environment.


Co-chair – Moe Lavigne – KWG
Co-chair – Dogan Paktunc – Natural Resources Canada


Co-chair – Mark Baker – Noront
Co-chair – Dogan Paktunc – Natural Resources Canada